"Let me teach you how to put life back into your loved furniture..." 

Covid Policy

As for most businesses, I have had to decide on a policy, in line with both government guidance and common sense, to allow me to continue working safely with students back in the workshop.


Here are details of my new plans and rules for the workshop:



The entrance to the workshop has moved from my garage to my garden gate on Ashley Rd. This means that you can enter directly into the workshop without coming through my home.



I am removing the storage space to allow 2 workstations from the existing workroom to move into the second room, so all 4 workstations will be at least 2m apart 



Each workstation has its own full set of tools so that students do not need to share or pass any tools between them during a session



All students must bring a mask (I have both washable and disposable ones here for sale if you do not have one) for use when I come to work on your project with you and distancing is not practical. I will only come within 2m when proactively teaching on your project, at which time both of us will be wearing a mask.



I have alcohol-based hand sanitisers at each workstation. I have an alcohol-based aerosol cleaner to clean all tools between sessions.


Project storage

I can no longer store your projects here at the workshop. Any projects must be able to fit through a door while being carried by 1 person so I am able to carry it out of the workshop for you to take home between sessions. There will be limited storage here for very small items that I can stack, by arrangement only.  Please get in touch and send a photo if you are unsure about the project you are planning to do.


Coffee and Tea 

I will still offer drinks, from a cup washed in a dishwasher, and wash my hands before making it. You are of course welcome to bring your own refreshments too.



I will clean the bathroom before each session. There is alcohol-based hand sanitiser and only disposable hand towels.