"Let me teach you how to put life back into your loved furniture..." 


We sell footstool frames so you can complete a traditionally upholstered and deep sprung footstool to keep. The frames are made in hard wood by a local carpenter. It is a fast paced course designed to teach many of the traditional Upholstery skills, and the final product is solid and beautiful. 

You start with the pre-made frame complete with queen anne legs, and are supplied with all the components required as you work through the project, with extensive notes that are yours to keep.

It is fine to make a footstool with no previous upholstery experience.

Deep buttoning is an additional option and is a great skill to learn along side the other traditional upholstery techniques. You may need to book additional lessons to allow time for deep buttoning.

Everything you need to complete the footstool is provided apart from 1m of fabric for the top cover.

You can complete your footstool either on a weekly course or an intensive course. You may need a three day intensive course if you choose a large stool and would like to do deep buttoning. 




18" x 18" footstool. Height is 14" - 16" depending on filling.

18" x 26" footstool. Height 14" - 16" depending on filling.

Deep sprung  £120

Deep sprung  £150

Traditional Upholstery  £110

Traditional Upholstery  £138

Foam filling    £90

Foam filling    £108

Choose your size,  upholstery option and decide if you are buttoning, buy 1m of any fabric you like, then book yourself onto a workshop!

For a basic stool with traditional upholstery layers you can finish your stool within 8 lessons or a 2 day course. If you choose to use cone springs and/or deep buttoning you may need another 2.5hr lesson for each option (or an additional day at the workshop)