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 Trestles - Bespoke,Wooden with adjustble height

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Locally made trestles, designed especially for our needs at Badger Uphoslstery

These are perfect for working on furniture at home or in your own workshop. 


The adjustable height version has 4 height settings allowing for flexible use depending on the size of the furniture and your height. The standard height version works for many people, at xxcm high. We can also provide custom height if you want it lower or higher than the standard size. 


Sturdy, with edge pieces to keep the legs of your furnture in place, or you can place a carpeted board over them to make them into an adjustable height bench - which will both stop your furniture slipping and protect the decorative wood.


on average we can supply your trestles within 3 days of an order, although lead times can vary. Local collection in central Bristol only due to size and weight


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Adjustable height pair trestles   £250


Adjustable to 4 different heiught settings with the relocation of 2 bolts on each trestle.

Heights available are aprox 59, 69, 79,  and 89cm

Can be used with or without carpeted table top 

Standard height pair trestles   £230


Standard height is aprox 59 cm high (the same as the lowest setting on te adjustable ones)

Can be used with or without carpeted table top 

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Custom height pair trestles   £240


Get them made to your custom choice of height depending on your personal requirements.

Can be used with or without carpeted table top

Carpeted table top   £45


1.2m long and 60cm wide 15mm deep

Provides enough strength over the trestle distance to supoprt your furniture, and space to move your furniture around in several positions while working.

Can be used on all trestle pairs